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We are the Big Cats!

Year 2 continue to work within the Key Stage 1 curriculum where they learn in different subject areas but also make links across subjects through topics. They build upon their skills and knowledge from Year 1 extending their understanding of key concepts. 


Year 2 is made up of 4 classes

These children are the biggest in our school!



Snow Leopards




Click on the images of the four classes, it will take you to a website with fun facts about each animal.

Year 2 Classes and Staff from September 2020
  • Tigers Class – Miss Turner
  • Panthers Class – Mrs Hutton & Miss Mihell 
  • Lions Class – Miss Bell (Year Leader)
  • Snow Leopards Class – Mrs Beasley
  • LSA Team – Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Hylands, Mrs Furnell, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Ellcome & Mrs Gordon